Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to begin a relationship with ETF Portfolio Partners?

Getting started is easy. You can contact us by phone or email to help us understand your goals. To open an account, we will gather some information and have you sign documents. If you are transferring funds from another firm, we will need copies of your current account statements. You do not need to contact your current investment company.

Who holds my money?

You can choose between either Fidelity Wealth Management Institutional or TD Ameritrade Institutional to hold your investment account.

Is there a charge for an initial consultation?

No, there is never a fee for you to meet with us. We understand the importance of earning your trust.

Do you work with clients nationally?

Yes, we have clients in many states.

Do I have online access to my accounts?

Yes, you can review your account online as frequently as you wish.

What type of reporting will I receive?

You will receive monthly account statements and trade confirmations from the custodian. ETF Portfolio Partners will also provide you with a detailed quarterly report along with a monthly market update.

If I wish to terminate the advisory agreement, is there a fee?

Either party can terminate the advisory agreement at any time for any reason. ETF Portfolio Partners does not charge a termination fee.

Is this a pooled account?

No, each portfolio we manage is designed to meet the specific needs of that client. You own the securities in your portfolio, and it is managed with your goals in mind.

What types of accounts are suitable for ETFs?

ETFs are suitable investment vehicles for all types of portfolios, both taxable and tax-deferred.

Why should I use a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) instead of a broker?

A “fee-only” Registered Investment Advisor is the only investment professional that is a fiduciary. We are required to always do what is in the best interest of our clients 100% of the time. We receive no commissions for selling products.

Download Strategic Index Investing Book

To learn more about ETFs, request your complimentary copy of Strategic Index Investing Unlocking the Power of Exchange-Traded Funds, written by Richard D. Romey,President of ETF Portfolio Partners.