Our Investment Strategy

Do you have an investment strategy or just a collection of holdings? The smart way to grow your net worth or provide income during retirement is to find the strategy thats best for you. Our powerful approach can help you stick to your strategy regardless of market conditions.

We all have goals. Whether you want to grow your assets to meet a future goal or you need a portfolio that provides current income, we can help. An appropriate investment goal should be measurable and attainable. Defining your goals clearly and determining how best to achieve them can help protect you from the common mistakes that derail most investors.

A sound investment strategy starts with a personalized asset allocation designed to meet your unique goals. We use award-winning software to help match your unique goals with the most appropriate portfolio allocation. All of our portfolios are based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), a Nobel Prize winning concept, combined with our investment knowledge and experience.

The way you implement your asset allocation strategy will be a major determinate of your success. Exchange-traded funds offer investors many advantages when implementing your portfolio. ETFs are designed to track a wide range of asset classes at a very low cost, meaning they will more accurately reflect the true risk and return of your asset allocation plan.

Even the most carefully designed portfolios do not run themselves. We continually monitor your portfolio and provide a disciplined rebalancing strategy designed to improve performance while reducing risk. A systematic rebalancing strategy is key because, over time, asset classes move in and out of favor. Todays winning asset class is likely to underperform in the future while todays losers will likely outperform at some point. Systematic rebalancing will capture and correct these imbalances and return your portfolio to its target allocation.

Benefits of Our Approach

Cost Savings

Fees Matter. The expense ratio of an ETF is only a fraction of the costs associated with most actively managed mutual funds. The average expense ratio of the ETFs we use is 0.15%, compared to the average actively managed mutual fund expense ratio of 1.30%. This means you could save an extra 1.1% per year in operating fees alone.

Index-based Performance

Indexes are hard to beat. Over the last 5-year period ending in 2015, 84.15% of large-cap managers, 76.69% of mid-cap managers, and 90.13% of small-cap managers lagged their respective benchmarks. We believe in putting the odds in your favor and tracking the indexes, rather than risking it and trying to beat them.


ETF Portfolio Partners is a Registered Investment Advisor who is regulated by the SEC and held to a fiduciary standard. As a fiduciary, we are legally required to act in the best interest of our clients at all times. Unlike a brokerage firm who is held to a suitability standard, we do not sell any commission-based products or receive any incentives from any of the products we use.


Even the most carefully designed and crafted portfolios do not run themselves. At ETF Portfolio Partners, we follow a disciplined rebalancing methodology designed to capture opportunities during different market cycles.


Download Strategic Index Investing Book

To learn more about ETFs, request your complimentary copy of Strategic Index Investing Unlocking the Power of Exchange-Traded Funds, written by Richard D. Romey,President of ETF Portfolio Partners.